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Display boards, banners, and posters

You can do a lot to promote your organisation and get your name out there with advertising products such as display boards, banners, and posters. Lincoln Print & Copy Centre can help.

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Display boards

We can design, print, and manufacture attractive and eye-catching display boards that are ideal for a range of purposes. We can use your existing design or take your ideas and turn them into a finished design that conveys the necessary information you wish to display in a simple and effective manner.


Display boards mounted on lightweight, indoor foamboard are available in A2 and A1 and are particularly suitable for wedding or event table plans, exhibitions or public awareness events.

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Banners are a popular way to advertise an event, new business, or any other enterprise that depends on attracting attention from passers-by. We can manufacture banners that display your organisation’s branding and colour scheme prominently, as well as providing the information you need to your potential customers as they walk past.


Weatherproof outdoor banners and signs are available, many sizes and a variety of materials can be customised for your needs.

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Posters are a great way to advertise upcoming events, current campaigns, and all manner of other things! They’re cheap, quick to produce, and can be put on display very simply. We’ve printed posters for organisations and individuals across a broad range of sectors over the years, and we have a reputation for quality.


Posters can be A4 or A3 and printed on the same papers as leaflets, but when we print at A2 up to A0 or bigger there are other options. 120gsm matt poster paper is popular with its non reflective surface, or try our heavier 230gsm coated matt. Posters can also be printed on coated satin up to 250gsm.

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Contact the team

If you want display boards, banners, or posters for your business, talk to the team at Lincoln Print & Copy Centre. We’re a highly experienced team of specialists, and we’re here to help.

01522 546118

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