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Laminating and finishing

Laminating can protect your printed products, making them more durable. Lincoln Print & Copy Centre offers laminating as well as binding and a range of other finishing options.

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Laminating for durability

Lamination involves applying a very thin plastic film to your prints, protecting them. It is a great way to make sure that your prints are that little bit tougher and more durable, and we offer it for loose sheet printing, postcards, and posters. We have different lamination options available to ensure you get the finish that you want.

Laminating is available from smaller than A4 to larger than A0. It can be used on business cards, notices, construction plans, or any document that needs protection from constant handling or weather.


Laminating your document will protect it against fingerprints, smudges, and other marks, and will often enhance the colours, making them really stand out. It can help to bring images and photographs to life and take your prints to the next level. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch and speak to the team.

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Different lamination options

We offer different lamination types to ensure you get the results you need. If you’re unsure about the most appropriate option for your project, we’ll be happy to offer advice. We offer matt lamination, gloss lamination, and soft touch lamination.

Matt lamination: This is a very popular option for posters and document covers. It is an effective way to enhance the colour of the design on your print, and offers some protection against marks and damage.


Gloss lamination: Perfect when you need colours to look their very best and brightest! Gloss lamination makes the most of your gorgeous colour prints, and is a great choice for prints that include a lot of artwork or photographs, as well as book covers.


Soft touch lamination: A great way to add a quality feel to your documents, soft touch lamination is perfect when you want your prints to feel good. This is the perfect option for high-end flyers and leaflets, save the date notes, wedding invitations, and similar projects.

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Binding options

Thermal binding: We offer this in A4 size, including a steel spine and crystal covers or soft covers in various sizes. This is an ideal option for dissertations, and we can also offer foil printing on the cover.


Wire binding: Available in A5 and A4 in portrait or landscape formats, and A3 in Landscape only. We offer wire binding with or without covers, and with a choice of white or black wires.


Comb binding: This is an excellent choice if you’re likely to need the option to add, change, or remove pages from a document periodically. We offer comb binding for A5 and A4 documents in portrait or landscape formats, and A3 in landscape only.

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Contact the team

We offer a wide range of finishing options at Lincoln Print & Copy Centre, including laminating. To find out more and discuss your options, get in touch with the team today.

01522 546118

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