Ordnance Survey Data and Mapping Centre

Ordnance Survey Data and Maps are a specially of ours, we can supply the information as a digital file or as prints, at a variety of scales from 1:250 upwards on A5 to A0 paper sizes.

Ordnance survey maps can be centred on your location and used for many purposes including applying for planning permission; checking Land Registry records; planning your delivery routes as well as decorative wall maps. We also have access to the Ordnance Survey Historic Map database, check the years and scales available for your location, anywhere in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Using our on-site equipment, we can supply the following services to your map:

  • Design
  • Adjust
  • Copy
  • Enlarge
  • Shrink
  • Centre
  • Print
  • Laminate

we can help you on 01522 546118

We can provide you with as many copies as you need, always suggesting the most cost-effective technique for your needs.

Call us today for more information about how we can help you on 01522 546118, or click the iQuote logo on the left for a quotation.

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